The French Solution – Bring Back the Guillotine !!

A message to all the selfish, non-isolating psychopaths selfishly not distancing !!

Let’s get rid of all the grandparents, exhausted nurses and doctors.

Free up all the ICU beds and hospital waiting times for help.

Bring back the Guillotine – it’s quick and efficient

No waiting to get rid of your virus !!

Get Back to Work on Monday

Just don’t get sick because there will be no one to look after you or your kids.
Goodbye Grandma and Grandpa !! Goodbye Nurse !! Goodbye Doctor !!
It wasn’t really nice knowing you when you got sick !!

Let’s get on with our old materialistic self-indulgent lives !!

Until the next virus comes along with nothing planned !!

Except the Guillotine !!

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