Spanish Students – A Long Way from Home – Isolated but Active !!

Here is what Spanish students are doing to help International Students

# Stay at Home with these resources that the Dingoos team has selected for you
Miguel Martín

The Covid-19 crisis forces us to stay at home in quarantine. Although at first it may seem like a bummer, staying at home is necessary not only to protect yourself from the virus: it is also an act of civility, responsibility and solidarity with your community.

By staying at home you protect those sectors of the population that are most vulnerable, such as the elderly.

Thanks to the internet and social networks, there are a lot of plans that you can do at home to endure like a champion during the time of confinement.

From the Dingoos team, we have selected some free resources with which you can entertain yourself and make the hours fly.

# Stay at Home learning languages

# Stay at Home and learn to be a barista

# Stay at Home learning to cook

# Stay at home getting fi

# Stay at home making pictures

# Stay at home and train in something that you like

# Stay at Home making photons

# Stay at home meditating

# QuédateEnCasa and go to the festival

#StayInHome surfing

# Stay at Home reading, watching movies, listening to podcasts or playing with your friends

Great information on all of these is at the Dingoos web-site :-

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