We are looking for native speakers of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish to share in recording articles in 5 Languages on You Tube.

Currently we are planning audio only, with video also under consideration for the future.

Immediate voice recording opportunities are open for volunteers who are interested in an exciting FIVE LANGUAGE PROJECT.

To express interest please email goldcoastlanguages@gmail.com

Click link to download colour coded script :-

Cédric Herrou

Cédric Herrou was born in Nice in 1979
Cédric Herrou est né à Nice en 1979
Cédric Herrou wurde 1979 in Nizza geboren
Cédric Herrou è nato a Nizza nel 1979
Cédric Herrou nació en Niza en 1979
His father was a salesman
Son pére etait représentant
Sein Vater war Verkäufer
Suo padre era un venditore
Su padre era un vendedor
His mother was a child minder
Sa mère était assistante maternelle
Seine Mutter war eine mütterliche Assistentin
Sua madre era un'assistente materna
Su madre era una asistente maternal
He says he learned to share
Il dit avoir appris à partager
Er sagt, er hat gelernt, zu teilen
Dice che ha imparato a condividere
Dice que ha aprendido a compartir
from the age of five
dès l'âge de cinq ans
ab dem fünften Lebensjahr
dall'età di cinque anni
desde los cinco años de edad

The above script extract is from a developing work in progress, for an audio production in 5 languages, to be followed later by a video project featuring native speakers.



An excellent way to improve useful French is to switch your computer to :-

  1.  French Keyboard
  2.  French Language

The following lesson shows some of the terms worth knowing and memorising

After downloading and opening the file link below, first learn the French vocabulary, then delete the French content from the green cells (using your delete key), and after a suitable delay such as 15 to 60 minutes, attempt to re-enter the French terms.

Cells should then regain their green background if your entries are correct.

(Please report any issue to goldcoastlanguages@gmail.com)

Click here to access the Vocabulary Exercise :-

French Keyboard Operation - Lesson 1

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