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1. Individualistic

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2. Affirm v. Confirm

verb: confirm; 3rd person present: confirms; past tense: confirmed; past participle: confirmed; gerund or present participle: confirming
  1. 1.
    establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed or suspected to be the case).
    "if these fears are confirmed, the outlook for the economy will be dire"
    • state with assurance that a report or fact is true.
      "he confirmed that the general was in the hands of the rebels"
      synonyms: affirmreaffirmassertreassert, give an assurance, assure someone, repeat, say again, state again, pledgepromiseguarantee

      "he confirmed that engineers would examine the road"
    • reinforce someone in (an opinion or feeling).
      "two recent experiences have confirmed me in this view"
      synonyms: corroborate, bear out, verify, show the truth of, provevalidateauthenticatesubstantiate, give substance to, justify, vouch for, vindicate, give credence to, supportuphold, back up

      "written records confirm the archaeological evidence"
    • make (a provisional arrangement or appointment) definite.
      "Mr Baker's assistant telephoned to confirm his appointment with the chairman"
    • make (a decision or an agreement) formally valid.
      "the organization has confirmed the appointment of Mr Collins as managing director"
      synonyms: ratifyvalidatesanctionendorseformalizecertifyunderwriteauthorizewarrantaccreditapproverecognize, agree to, consent to, accept

      "his appointment as ambassador was confirmed by the President"
    • declare (someone) formally to be appointed to a particular post.
      "he was confirmed as the new EC peace envoy"
  2. 2.
    administer the religious rite of confirmation to.
    "he had been baptized and confirmed"
verb: affirm; 3rd person present: affirms; past tense: affirmed; past participle: affirmed; gerund or present participle: affirming
  1. 1.
    state emphatically or publicly.
    "he affirmed the country's commitment to peace"
    synonyms: declarestateassertaverproclaimpronounceattestswearavowvowguaranteepromisecertifypledge, give one's word, give an undertaking;

    "he affirmed that they would lend military assistance"
    antonyms: deny
    • declare one's support for; uphold; defend.
      "the referendum affirmed the republic's right to secede"
      synonyms: upholdsupportdefendmaintainconfirmratifyendorse, approve (of), agree to, consent to, assent to, sanction

      "the charter affirmed the right of national minorities to use their own language"
    • LAW
      accept or confirm the validity of (a judgement or agreement); ratify.
      "the Court of Appeal affirmed a decision of the High Court"
    • LAW
      make a formal declaration rather than taking an oath.
      "he refused to take the oath but chose simply to affirm on being admitted to the Privy Council"
  2. 2.
    offer (someone) emotional support or encouragement.
    "there are five common ways parents fail to affirm their children"
    • give (life) a heightened sense of value, typically through the experience of something emotionally or spiritually uplifting.
      "it is a rich and challenging motion picture that both affirms life and emphasizes its fragility"
Middle English (in the sense ‘make firm’): via Old French from Latin affirmare, from ad- ‘to’ + firmus‘strong’.
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