Der Kleine Prinz

To increase the amount of time spent in speaking German at our classes, and selecting useful vocabulary for future use, the highly regarded book "Der Kleine Prinz" is recommended.  A part of class time will be allocated to readings from the book, plus German videos (with subtitles), more speaking practice, and questions and answers about the German language.

For all our members (from Beginners to Advanced) it is highly recommended that the text be read in conjunction with one of the several readings of Der Kleine Prinz available on You Tube.

This will develop vocabulary, pronunciation and memory.  Your feedback here or in class will be very welcome.

Please add comments below this message or email with class inquiries.

Or better still continue to schedule (or start to attend) our classes.

(Currently Tuesdays 7.00 pm and Saturdays 11.30 am)

Here is the link to access the full text :-


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