Why does the world’s flattest planet not have bullet trains ?

Higher Learning

“At low interest rates, many investments that didn’t make sense at higher interest rates should now make sense,” he said.

“This is especially so for investments with long-term payoffs, because future returns no longer need to be discounted as highly. This means that low interest rates give us the opportunity to lengthen our horizons and think about projects with really long-term payoffs.”


Higher Learning

Why does the flattest continent on the planet not have bullet trains ?

Perhaps the "government" fears their construction, the resulting world class tourist industry, and the surpluses bullet trains filled with international and local travel customers would contribute instantly to the economy.

Has there ever been a better time to invest in the present, the medium term and the future in this way? (Apart from the current new lows in "government" imagination?).


Aaron Revel

Any body or person who DARES to question LNP policies will be brought to heel. Protesters threatened, media outlets and journalists raided, parlimentary committees stifled, falsifing documents, blatant untruths and blame shifting.The LNP are a disgrace in our "fair go"country.

Susan Lynch

Well said!

Peter Cesca

I makes you wonder if they are creating an illusion of hiding something or have they created a problem so big that they are planning on being long gone before it is found.

Ken Dyer

Dr Phillip Lowe - another "quiet" Australian?

Cee Jay

The LNP should have looked at and, more importantly taken heed of the recent advice Frank Lowey gave re having 2 budgets, John Abernathy also wrote a brilliant piece on why it is just what the doctor ordered! Sadly we are left with these visionless fools running our economy and by running it, I mean running it into the ground with their yesteryear ideals, morons is too kind when describing them and the way they do things!

Tina Smith


Fiona Watson

what a sell out!!! Disgusting! I guess they gave him a stern talking to the other day and he just withered under their barrage! The RBA and Phillip Lowe are well and truly compromised!! So much for an independant central bank. A sad day/future for Australia!

Roy Hives

The illusion is no longer needed?

Les Macdonald

One of the most outstanding aspects of mid Twentieth Century Fascism was the stifling of dissent, and that operated at every level of public policy. We are taught by our Fascist masters that dissent in Hong Kpng and Russia is heroic and much to be admired, but in the West, including Australia, it is to be none too subtly crushed wherever it occurs. 

Jackie Sherwood

Ouch. The governor has really been smacked back. What’s Frydenberg got on him? This government got re elected on doing nothing so obviously it’s going to continue. It’s its “mandate”!

Jeff Newman

"The economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Australia." I didn't see the key responsibility to protect the political interests of the Morrison Government. If Lowe will not or can not fulfil his responsibities, he should resign.

John Koukouras

How Long? For how long are we going to listen and believe that to be Blue is to be best at economic management? How long can LNP blame the LP for everything wrong in this Lucky Country including Climate Change? Scrap the Surplus Mr Prime Minister and spend it on strengthening the economy- that's Economic Management even I would acknowledge.

Roy Hives

John, there is no surplus to spend. The whole surplus/ deficit discussion is meaningless economically. Neoliberalism is a political construct. It pretends that the federal government faces the same constraints on their spending as we do. We can only spend what we earn or borrow.
Our surpluses and deficits are real. For the politicians, it's an idea they don't have to explain. A plausible lie.

Manuel Pippos

New LNP electrola slogan "If you want a go...erh, go somewhere else"

David John Pearn

Sir Humphrey Appleby, also, said “yes Minister”.


Sam Chambers

Gestapo tactics again. Toe the party line Dr Lowe or you'll be in one our Robo-debt funded age care torture facilities before you can blink.

Peter Bell

I bet the conversation went like this.
Friedthemburgers. Do and say what we tell you to do or we will find someone else who will.
RBA boss. Yes sir master sir. I want to keep my job.

Raymond William Tinkler

No Kenneth Hayne, is he?

Annette Butterss

They all want to keep their well-paid positions, perks and safe inflated pensions - that's all there is to this government. It is an outrage.

S Laurence Paull

Yep. He has had a "gentle reminder". Our way or the highway.

Su Hinton

What a cop out. How does the RBA arrange full employment? Low inflation? Which seems ludicrous when you look at what we pay for food and essential items. This LNP government are completely useless except for silencing criticism and gagging public servants. So much for our 'Right to Know'.

Kevin Aldcroft

I would question the premise that higher education will lead to higher paying jobs and wages growth. When Australia has “Free Trade" agreements with countries which have lower wages and living standards. Our multi-billion dollar companies flock to these countries because they don't have to pay higher wages.

Kathy Banks

Lowe had a brain reprogram some months ago by the Liberals. Now, like everyone else he is just protecting his job rather than advising the government of best practice. This government won't even listen to the IMF or the United Nations, what hope have we got!

Allan Milnes

I thought the $1080 voters incentive was going to fix the economy !!

Lilly Ulmann

The LNP will brook no dissent, no opposition, no freedoms. We've lost our democracy and are in the clutches of Fascism bordering on Authoritarianism.

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