Roger's French Text Book - February 2019

Financial members of The Gold Coast French Speakers Group are eligible to receive the Access Password for the bi-lingual audio book. If you do not yet have it, please email with confirmation that you have paid your $20 half-yearly membership and request the code.

One you have the password click on the above link and follow the prompts.


  1. A message to all regular Saturday visitors to our classes … if you believe you have paid your $ 20 half yearly fee during June or July, you are financial to 31st December 2019 and you have earned GOLD MEMBERSHIP.

    This entitles you to a free download of Roger’s Bi-Lingual French Audio Book ,,, to receive the access code please email

    Tuesday Morning Class Members who attend for 2 hours each week are also eligible for GOLD MEMBERSHIP and the Audio Book.

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