Da Words Number 1 – Da Worte Nummer Eins

A Message from Emanuel in Deutschland - Eine Nachricht von Emanuel in Deutschland

I want to point out again that this whole da-thing is only done when you talk about things… like a table, a dream or a place. If you talk about a living being like a dog or a cat you wouldn’t use it. Those are treated like persons. But let’s do some examples and compare sentences with persons and things. First, female – die Party.

  • I have my book from her (Maria).
  • Ich habe mein Buch von ihr(Maria).
  • I am dreaming of it (the party).
  • Ich träume von ihr (der Party ) — WRONG
  • Ich träume davon.

And the next one is masculine – der Termin.

  • I am thinking of him (my grandpa).
  • Ich denke an ihn (meinen Opa).
  • I am thinking of it (my appointment).
  • Ich denke an ihn (meinen Termin). — WRONG
  • Ich denke daran.

And… you guessed it… one with a German neuter – das Festival.

  • I am looking forward to it (the  festival).
  • Ich freue mich auf das/es (das Festival). — WRONG…. actually superwrong
  • Ich freue mich darauf.

And just for completion one with an animal – die Katze.

  • I play with it (the cat).
  • Ich spiele mit ihr (der Katze). — correct.
  • Ich spiele damit. —- WRONG

So here, although we are not talking about a person, we still use the “logical” version because a cat is not a thing… not because cat is female in German… it is solely because a cat is really not a thing in the German language.

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