FRENCH – Level 3 – Saturday Grammar

Speak and Understand Basic French

FRENCH – Basic Grammar- Level 3

In a fun, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this course continues on from level 2 and takes the student through the basics of French Grammar. Covering basic pronunciation, conjugation of verbs and word gender.


Continuing to follow the Easy French STEP-BY-STEP workbook students will learn the following French  Grammar and french language skills:-

  • Prendre & boire verbs
  • Object Pronouns
  • Partitive Article
  • Possessives, Demonstratives, Comparatives
  • Adverbs
  • Affirmative and Negative sentences
  • Reflexive Pronouns

The course takes place every Saturday at 10:30am and lasts 60mins.

Key Learning Outcomes and Skills

Ability to communicate at a basic French Level. Understanding the fundamentals of the French Language and being able to construct basic sentences in order to communicate effectively in French.


Entry Requirements

An open-mindedness to learning and a love of all things French.

Previous experience is required up to French Grammar – level 2 and course manual can be purchased for $20 at your first class.

Session Fee : $ 15

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Course Tutors

Sheila H

French Teacher

Sheila has been a French teacher at Gold Coast Languages for many years and is […]

Quick Info

  • Course Workbook Available for Purchase at First Class
  • Fun and Friendly Environment
  • Affordable course fee
  • Dedicated Course Trainer

French For Beginners

This course runs weekly with a weekly cost of $15.

Come along at 8:45am on Saturday morning to join the class or contact us for more information.