A message to the unmotivated language learner

While regular speaking practice is the goal which everyone rightly wishes
the roles of grammar and vocabulary are vital.
It is only when you reach the point of finding grammar (properly taught) to be an exciting new discovery, plus larger vocabulary, that you will attain the degree of comfort in speaking that is needed.
Regular speaking is absolutely essential, but with it there is a need to study a the text-book and
a greatly increased commitment to good grammar and vocabulary.
I have observed that those who regularly do the exercises in Easy French Step by Step actually
improve their French many times faster than those people who avoid the exercises.
The exercises are actually critical to speaking better French.
For that reason you don’t need too many tutorials until you
have done the exercises, after careful reading of the text material.
The main value of tutorials is to answer questions that you have after reading the book,
and doing at least 4 chapters of exercises.
You can download a self-reporting sheet which will allow you to measure your progress
without any use of tutors, who can never replace personal self-discipline.

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